Trezzahns Hideout

Trezzahns Hideout




Trezzahns outdoor blogs and vlogs - Adventuring!

Trezzahns outdoor blogs and vlogs - Adventuring!


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Check out my recent -Springtime-, PinkBike, Strava and TrailForks postings, all on my new adventure blog! 

All blogs including those without video may be found here as well:

PinkBike Blogs w/Video-Log (For Some)

Afternoon Hike - SmartCentres- Hespeler Strip through Dunbar to North-Central Galt

Evening Ride - To Hespeler Village and Back!

Evening Ride - To the Tract and Back! 

Night Ride - Mill Run Trail Through to Hespeler Village and back

Night Ride - Fiddlesticks through to Galt and back

Evening Ride - Hespeler Village Through Central Preston

Night-Time Adventure (Photography) - Around Galt via Franklin #2

Night-Time Adventure - Around Galt via Franklin

Afternoon Hike - East-Central Guelph Trail(s) 

Evening Ride - To Galt via Franklin 

Night Ride to Galt via Franklin Blvd. 

Evening Ride - Central Kitchener - Waterloo to Cambridge 

Evening Ride - Hespeler through Preston Mill Run Trail and Back through Langs 

Night Ride: To Galt and Back 

Night Ride: Hespeler Mill Run to Riverside + Preston Bob McMullen Trail through Langs and back 

'Evening Ride - Iron Horse to Spurline Trail: Kitchener-Waterloo Downtown Nighttime Cycle!' 

'Night Ride to Galt and Back'

*Hespeler Mill Run through Preston Riverside

'Evening Ride - Hespeler through Preston' 

Silknet Lens Mill 

(Total Solar Eclipse) 








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